How to beat the new weather: New York, Miami, Tampa, and Chicago to beat it all

This week, we’ve got some big news from around the country.

The first two nights of the New York City Marathon were a record-breaking 5:26:49.

It was also the fastest time of the marathon and the first time in the history of the event that a marathoner broke a previous New York Times record (the previous mark was 5:18:16 by Mark Cavendish in 2015).

The other big news this week was the Miami Marathon was also a record time, breaking its previous record of 4:28:14 by 6-year-old Rylee Miller.

Miami was the first marathon of 2017 to be on a Sunday, which was a big change from last year, when the race was run on a Saturday.

This week, the Miami Herald reported that the first race in Miami has been canceled due to the Zika virus, which has led to a spike in the number of people dying.

That could change in the next few days, as the Zika pandemic progresses.

The Boston Marathon is also canceled due in part to the mosquito-borne Zika virus.

That means the race will still go on as planned, though it will be postponed to February 26, 2019, instead of March 5.

This is a good sign for the Boston Marathon and other events like it.

The virus is still relatively new, and the public is still unsure of the extent of the virus’s impact on people, so it could take a while before we know how severe the effects are.

The World Cup in Brazil was also canceled because of the Zika outbreak, but it is expected to return.

The race schedule has also been pushed back several times, due to weather, the weather forecast, and other factors.

There is a lot of speculation about the weather, but if you check the weather forecasts and compare them with the weather that was predicted for the first week in January, it’s clear that the forecasts were right.

So this is just one day of uncertainty, but I think it’s a good indication of the challenges facing the American public and the health care system.

I don’t think the world is ready for this.

This was a really good week for race coverage.

The first two days of the Miami race were record-setting times, breaking the previous record.

The race was cancelled in Miami because of a Zika outbreak.

The Boston Marathon was cancelled due to a pandemic that’s still relatively unknown.

It’s expected to be back in 2019.

There’s no reason to think this will be a setback.

There’s also a lot going on in Europe.

A number of big races are also set for next month, including the Giro d’Italia in Italy, the Tour de France in France, the Vuelta a Espana in Spain, and this year’s Tour de Romandie in France.

I’ve already covered the Grits, the Grand Tours, and Vuelta.

This will be my final look at the Grand Tour.

The last race in the U.S. was the Indianapolis 500, a race that’s been canceled for several months.

It will return to the IndyCar Series in 2019, but no race in America has been cancelled yet.

The U.K. was also cancelled this week.