Seattle’s beaches get their sun exposure boost

BEACHS have been given a boost to get the full benefits of the sun this weekend after a spate of beach closures, with many locals taking to the water. 

Sunrise seattle will be one of the best spots for a good view.

“We’ll have about 30 minutes in the morning and then a little bit more in the afternoon,” said John Lee, a beachcomber in North Seattle. 

A few hundred metres away, the town of South Beach is closed to the public. 

The beach was closed to beachgoers from 6am on Saturday after it became clear that some residents had been exposed to the high levels of CO2 from a diesel-powered jet engine, which is a major source of CO 2 in the atmosphere. 

Some of the area’s beaches were also closed to public traffic as the area was evacuated to prepare for the high-pressure system. 

“We’ve been really lucky with the weather this week,” said local resident and Beachcomber Dave Strom. 

Mr Strom said that for the past two years, he has been swimming on the beach every day of the week.

“I feel like we’re getting our sunshine out there.

It’s the only time when I get it.

It seems like a good idea to me.”

Another resident, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that it was hard to believe the beach was so close to the coast.

“I’ve been here for over 20 years and it’s never been that close to shore, but this time I’ve got it close,” she said. 

However, the beach closures are unlikely to have any impact on the local economy.

“A lot of people will still be swimming,” she added.

“There are some restaurants here and cafes, and it’ll be great to have a little respite and catch up on some sleep.”