What’s happening with the Sunrise Kids Hospital?

The Sunrise Children’s Hospital is about to get a $200 million makeover, but there are plenty of questions about what that will look like and what it might mean for the future of the institution.

Key points:The new design will be a new “sunrise” locationSunrise Children’s will be the first community-based children’s health facility in AustraliaSunrise will open on the Sunshine Coast and will be funded by $200m in federal fundingThe hospital will have a “sunshine” themeThe new location will be at the corner of Ainslie and King StreetsSunrise is a private facility that provides intensive care for people with special needs.

But there are concerns it could become too similar to a community-run hospital.

“It will be very much like an out-of-town hospital,” Dr Paul Brown, senior principal physician and consultant paediatrician at Sunshine Hospital, told ABC News.

“There are a lot of similarities, but it will be different in a lot or in some respects.”

Dr Brown said the new facility would be designed as a sunrise site, with children’s services and care in the building, with a “sky” theme.

“If you go down Ainsly Street, there’s a lot that is very similar, but they’re two different places, they’re separate but they are two different worlds,” he said.

“We have the same ethos and the same vision of the future for this hospital.”‘

The Sunrise Children’ hospital will be transformed’The hospital’s design will include a new facility, with an overall theme of “sunrises”, Dr Brown said.

The new facility will be open for operations on the Sun Coast and a “Sunrise” theme, with the sun reflecting off the building’s exterior and building façade.

“The hospital itself is going to be a bright, welcoming place,” he explained.

“When you get to a new location like this, we are going to make sure we have a great public health infrastructure, so we have good staff, good facilities, and that all meets the community.”

Sunrise Health Foundation chief executive Michelle Williams said the change was a key part of a broader vision for the facility.

“This will be our first and most visible sunrise of a community community facility,” she said.’

We are excited to partner with Sunshine Health Foundation’Dr Brown hopes that the new location would become a “great place to get some sun.”

“We are thrilled that Sunshine Health will be bringing their services to the Sunshine and we are really excited to be working with them,” he told ABC Radio Melbourne.

“Their vision is great, their approach is great and the way they’ve approached it is great.”

What they’ve done in terms of building the hospital itself will be really great.

“The hospital, which will be located at the intersection of Aintree and King streets, is already the largest privately funded children’s facility in the country, with about 700 beds and more than 4,500 children in its care.

Sunrise’s futureThe Sunshine Children’s Health Foundation has partnered with the Sunshine Hospital and the Australian Medical Association to form a group of experts to study the new design, and a feasibility study has been launched.

Sunshine has already applied for more than $300 million in federal and state funding.”

So what we’ve done is we’ve taken on this role and we’ve been really excited and excited to work with Sunshine Hospital to make it happen,” Dr Brown told the ABC.”

They are a really strong group of people who are really dedicated to children’s care and they’re really interested in what we’re doing.

“The Sunshine Hospital is also looking to develop a “community-based” model to help develop its own sustainable development strategy.