Arizona’s Sunrise Spa: It’s a day of magic, but the pain will be too much for most

Arizona has had an unusually cold and wet winter, and that means a lot of massage businesses in the state are closed.

And it’s not the first time that’s happened.

In 2011, the state closed nearly half of its massage and wellness businesses.

But the season is finally here.

The Phoenix area is famous for its hot springs, but many of the massage businesses are closed in the fall and winter.

And a new massage parlor is set to open in Mesa this weekend.

The Sunrise Spa, located at the intersection of Old Mesa Boulevard and Old Mesa Road, has a spa that offers the highest-quality massage, massage therapy and massage treatments in the area.

There are also massage parlors at other Arizona locations, including Chandler, Tempe, Phoenix, Tucson, Tempur-Pedic and Scottsdale.

The Mesa location has been open since last spring.

The location has about 20 people working, said Pam Lechner, executive director of the Arizona chapter of the American Academy of Facial and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

It has a full-time staff of 10.

And its massage rooms have more than 30 massage chairs, said Lechcher.

It was opened with a $2 million donation from the Phoenix Medical Center.

The massage room is open every day of the year, and the full-service massage parls have been open seven days a week, said Michelle Vos, executive assistant director for the Mesa chapter of APCPS.

She said that’s an average of one massage a week.

And because it’s a massage parlance business, it has to make sure all of its workers are licensed, said Vos.

If they aren’t, they have to be trained, and there are no restrictions on their ability to work, she said.

The spa has been operating since 2014.

Lechmer said that while it’s still a small business, with a few staff, it’s made an impact.

People who have worked here for many years, like the employees who have been here for 15 years, said that it’s changed the way they think about the industry, she added.

And, she noted, a lot is changing with technology.

“We don’t have as much information on how much money it makes, or the amount of people that work here.

And the number of people who have come through and seen their clients, and gotten their services done, has been really, really significant,” Lechber said.

She added that the spa’s business has grown exponentially since its inception in 2014.

In the past year, the number one demand has been people wanting to come in and work.

It’s like the next big thing, she explained.

But, she also said that people are coming back, especially after the cold weather in the spring.

It just brings in a lot more people to the area, she agreed.

LeChner said there are about 150 massage therapists in Mesa, and she thinks that’s the number that the new massage place will attract.

“It will bring in more clients, so we’re really excited about that,” she said, “and that’s our primary goal here.

So that’s really what we’re trying to get people interested in.”

The spa is a partnership with the Arizona Tourism and Convention Commission.

APCOS is a nonprofit organization that promotes wellness and health in Arizona.

For more information on APCMS work and to get in touch, visit their website at or call 888-531-3686.