New San Francisco cafe opens in the heart of Sunset, the city’s best known hangout

By Greg Kot article San Francisco is home to a number of popular coffee shops, some of which are renowned for their unique take on coffee.

The Sunset Eatery, which has been serving up delicious, seasonal food since 2006, is now opening its doors to the public and will be serving breakfast, lunch and dinner daily from 5am to 9am, starting April 19.

Sunset Eaterie is also offering brunch and dinner from 11am to 1pm daily, starting March 1.

“We’re trying to build a sustainable, sustainable business,” Sunset owner and owner of Sunset Coffee Roasters and Tea, Brian Glynn, told TechCrunch.

“The idea is to take coffee out of the coffee bar and into the cafe.

We want Sunset to be a place where people can come and get a coffee or tea or whatever.”

Glynn, who’s also a founding partner of the Sunset Coffee Collective, says Sunset is a “unique place” for people who are passionate about food and want to support local businesses.

“People come here for the food and the ambience, but also for the socializing,” he said.

“People come because it’s a place that can host social gatherings, it can host the community, it has a lot of food and a lot more than a coffee shop, so that’s really what Sunset is about.”

The Sunset eatery is located on Sunset Boulevard, at the intersection of Sunset and Sunset.

The cafe’s menu includes brunch and lunch, with a range of options for both adults and kids.

Sunset’s coffee menu will also include a range on drinks, including an espresso, latte and iced tea.

The Sunset Eaterys is currently open for breakfast, brunch and brunch lunch.

Glynn says Sunset Coffee has a “very eclectic” menu and will serve breakfast, breakfast lunch and brunch dinner.

Glynn hopes to open Sunset’s cafe sometime in 2017.

“I hope that we can have something going here within a year,” he added.

“I think it’s going to be an amazing space.

It’s going be a great place to be, and a great cafe.”

Sunset Coffee Roaster’s first coffee shop opened in December of 2016, but the space has since been turned into a more modern space, which includes more seating and a rooftop bar.

Sunset Coffee is now open for brunch and breakfast, with lunch and dinners, and dinner, breakfast and lunch and dessert.

The coffee shop’s Facebook page says Sunset’s owner and co-owner, Chris Glynn is a lifelong Bay Area resident.