Hoya Sunrise Calendar in 2018

As the year nears its conclusion, we take a look at the calendars that you can expect to see at some of your favorite retailers starting on October 15. 

If you’re looking to get your Hoya on, the company is already adding the calendars to the stores that you already own. 

Hoya is also releasing a calendar to commemorate the first anniversary of its new website. 

While we can’t get a glimpse of the calendar yet, it will be available on October 17. 

You can find all of the new calendar content in the images below. 

We also have a look back at the other calendars that were announced in 2018. 

Here’s what we think you’ll like most. 

October 1: Hoya Day of the Dead, October 1. 

The new calendar features Hoya’s new Halloween mask, which was revealed on October 1, 2018.

The new mask has a green glow on its face and comes with an additional 3-day supply of Hoya products. 

Additionally, the new Hoya calendar also features a new Halloween-themed color, red. 

November 2: Hyperexx, November 2. 

This calendar will feature Hoya-branded products, including the new mask, a $39.99 shipping box, a mask brush and a mask box. 

On the flipside, the Hoya Mask and Hoya Blush will also be available. 

In addition, the brand is offering a $49.99 mask brush. 

December 4: Hoyas Halloween Surprise, December 4. 

At the end of this calendar, the masks will be updated to include Hoya mask masks. 

According to Hoya, this calendar will be released in early 2018, so it’s currently a bit early to look forward to. 

 Also, you can add $4.99 to your order of Hoya products. 

  December 10: HOYA Day of Hush, December 10. 

All of the products on this calendar are available at select retailers starting December 10 and will include the Hoyah mask and mask box as well as the new Halloween color. 

Also included are a mask palette and a Halloween mask brush for $34.99. 

Check out the full lineup of HOYAs calendar below.

Hoyas Holiday 2018 calendar is now available at participating retailers. 

Happy HoyaDay everyone!