When it rains, when it pours: What happens when the water is at its worst

Sunrise church in southern Mexico was closed Monday after heavy rain inundated its grounds.

The church’s roof collapsed, but the water kept pouring down and its walls were destroyed, officials said.

“There’s a lot of water coming into the building.

It’s very bad.

It just won’t stop,” Pastor Roberto Martinez told reporters.

A church in the state of Michoacan also lost its roof.

The National Disaster Management Office (NMDO) said the church in Michoacán suffered severe damage and some structures were damaged.

NMDO director Luis Alvarez said some 50 houses were destroyed.

The NMDI said in a statement that water levels at the church were up to two metres (yards) high.

The storm also knocked out power to some of the country’s major highways.

More than 50 people were rescued from flooded areas in Michosas southern city of Acapulco, the NMDE said.

More to follow.