How to Find Your Perfect Sunrise Cafe and Sunset Maui Location

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Sunrise Cafe Location Sunrise Cafe has been around since 2011.

Located on the edge of the city, it is a cafe and café, with tables and chairs arranged on the ground floor.

It has a relaxed feel, with a menu that is as close to a cafe as you can get.

There are two locations, one on the first floor, and one on a third floor.

The coffee is great, but the atmosphere is just as amazing on the second floor.

Sunrise Cafe is located at the corner of Sunset and La Palma, just across from La Palmita’s.

The café’s menu is limited, but if you want something on the hot side, it’s available from 5:30am-1:00pm daily.

Sunset Cafe Location Sunset Cafe is a little farther north, on the west side of town.

On the third floor of the Sunset Cafe, there is a large indoor seating area with a seating area in the back.

You can either sit and read a book, or go for a coffee and have a bite to eat.

Sunset Cafe’s menu offers a variety of beverages, with an impressive variety of coffees available.

Sunrise Café is a popular spot, and is one of the few places in town that you can have a coffee at anytime of day.

The Sunrise Cafe’s coffee is always good, and if you’re looking for a quiet place to hang out with a friend or family, Sunset Cafe can be a great place to stop by.

Sunset Café is located in the area of La Palmaria.

Sunset Coffee Shop Location If you want to have a great breakfast, then the Sunset Coffee shop is a great choice.

They offer breakfast sandwiches, breakfast sandwiches with coffee, breakfast with a cup of tea, and coffee with toast.

Sunset café has been open for over a decade, and it’s one of those cafes that will have you coming back again and again.

Sunset coffee is a place to go to relax with a good cup of coffee.

Sunset cafe has been serving coffee since 2012, and their menu is still quite limited.

However, if you are looking for something that is both a relaxing place and a place for a cup, Sunset café is a perfect place to start.

Sunset cafes coffee is made with 100% organic coffee beans, and the menu offers plenty of options.

Sunset cafés cafe has had its coffee shuttered in December of 2017, but it is still open.

Sunset Espresso Bar Location Located on La Palmas third floor, Sunset Espressos bar is an outdoor cafe with a coffee bar and a café.

The cafe offers a wide range of coffes, including the Sunrise Espresso with an espresso, Sunset Café with a full espresso, and Sunset Espreso with a espresso.

Sunset espresso is an espresso that is made by hand with espresso beans and is quite different from espresso coffee.

It’s a coffee that is much more expensive than the espresso.

There is also a Sunset Espaista’s menu that offers more options.

The Sunset Espaso is located near La Palms main entrance, and has been closed for about a year now.

Sunset Bar Location The Sunset Bar is another outdoor cafe that serves coffee and a coffee-based dessert.

Sunset bar is located on La Palmias corner, near the La Palmalas parking lot.

Sunset is a bar that is a lot more than just a cafe.

It is a social hangout that is open from 5pm-7pm daily, and also offers a patio.

Sunset bars coffee is usually good, with the Sunrise espresso being one of its most popular coffees.

Sunset Bars cafe has its coffee closed in 2017, and will not reopen until 2020.

Sunset Lounge Lounge, a coffee spot that is located inside La Palmelas main entrance.

The lounge is a very casual cafe that offers a good variety of coffee and snacks.

The atmosphere is great here, with all the patrons sitting around a table and enjoying a coffee.

However you can check out Sunset lounge for a great way to catch a bit of sun.

Sunset lounge is located right on La Salle Street, and can be found from 5am-8pm daily from June to October.

Sunset Soho Coffee Shop location located in La Palmoria, Sunset S.O.S. Coffee shop was established in 2005.

SunsetSoho Coffee shop started as a cafe in 2006, but closed in 2013.

The owners are still active, and are planning to reopen Sunset cafe in 2018.

Sunset and Sunset Cafe Sunset cafe is located a little further north on La Calle.

Sunset Maitreya Coffee shop, Sunset M.A