What you need to know about the sunrise community in Sunrise

Posted January 06, 2019 09:50:55A community has been established in the Sunrise Lakes area for the sole purpose of welcoming people from all walks of life, and offering them an opportunity to join the family-friendly and seasonal Sunrise Lakes Food and Wine Festival, to be held on Friday, January 13.

More:For more local news, visit:sunrise community,Sunrise family store,eccleston community,sunday morning services,weddings source News 24 title Sunrise Lakes community celebrates its 500th birthday article Posted   January 06, 2018 06:18:38The Sunrise Lakes Community Association (SLCA) has announced that it has surpassed 500 members.

The group has been run by the Sunrise Community Foundation since its founding in 2003 and is a charitable entity dedicated to supporting the community and providing a safe space for the local community to come together for fun and celebration.

The Sunrise Community Centre is located in the Lakeside Park, located just south of the airport, and is home to the Sunrise Family Restaurant, the Sunrise Sunrise Service, Sunrise Community House, Sunrise Lakes Library, and the Sunrise Summer School.

There are now more than 500 people registered with the Sunrise LCA, which has grown from 100 members to over 700 members in the last year.

The association was founded in 2003, and has been a partner in the development of the Sunrise Farms Food and Beverage and Sunrise Lakes Public Library.

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Sunrise Lakes Community Foundation member, Mark Condon, said: “Sunrise LCA is the home for all of us who are passionate about the Sunshine Lakes area and the community we serve.

We’re very proud of our community and are honoured to be able to serve as a part of it.

We are grateful to the Sunshine LCA and the Sunshine Farms Food & Beverage Association for the continued support of the community.”

The Sunrise Farms Restaurant in Sunrise Lakes will be open from 12.30pm until 4pm daily and will also host free family activities and activities for children and adults, such as a free yoga class and a free family game day.

More information on the Sunrise Festival can be found at www.sunrisefestival.org.