New restaurant opens in California’s coastal city of San Francisco

San Francisco, CA (AP) A new restaurant opening next year in San Francisco’s coastal cities of San Mateo and Marin will be named after the iconic moon goddess.

The Moon Laundry opened in San Mateos Mission Bay in May.

It has a menu of steamed fish and seafood dishes.

Moon Laundries owner David Lecompte says the name is a nod to the “spiritual” meaning of the word Moon.

The restaurant is open through the end of the year, and the restaurant will be called Moon Lays, according to a news release from Moon Laying, which also says the restaurant is based on the concept of “moon-worshipping” in the Bay Area.

Moon and moon-worship are not new concepts in California.

But it’s rare to find them in places like San Francisco or Marin, where Moon worship is common, according a study from UC Berkeley.