The best places to stay in the Bay Area after a rainstorm

Recode is reporting the weather forecast for San Francisco and the Bay Bridge in San Francisco for Saturday.

San Francisco and San Francisco Bay Area forecast: The forecast shows rain and a high of about 20 inches on the coast.

The high winds are expected to move inland, with gusts of 40-60 mph.

The rain will be heavy.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports heavy rain is expected.

Bay Area rainfall: The Bay Area is expected to see a high rain of 5 inches on Sunday, with thunderstorms possible.

There is a chance of a tornado watch.

Bay area wind gusts: The high wind gust range in the forecast is 15-25 mph.

There are also reports of gusts up to 50 mph.

Rain forecast for Saturday: San Francisco’s rain will likely last for about 12 hours.

San Francisco has an average annual rainfall of 2.8 inches.

The storm is expected in the northern Bay Area by Sunday evening, but may also reach the city by Monday morning.

The forecast calls for winds of up to 60 mph with gust speeds of 45-60 miles per hour.

It’s not clear yet whether the rain will cause flooding or whether it will remain relatively dry.

The storm will be centered in the bay area, but it will likely affect more than just the city of San Francisco.

The Bay Bridge, the nation’s second-longest suspension bridge, is located in San Jose, Calif.

The bridge was closed after a storm last year that caused widespread damage and destroyed nearly 2,000 cars and other buildings.