How to make your own sunrise water with this easy DIY project

Ikea is the latest company to embrace the idea of making your own Sunrise water in order to make it accessible to a wider audience.

The Swedish retailer announced yesterday that it’s launching a Sunrise water purification kit with an “IKEA sunrise water filter” that will be available at retail outlets in the coming months.

The kit will be priced at €299 ($333), with the filter available for $179.99 at IKEA.

The Sunrise water filter will be made of a durable stainless steel mesh that’s also compatible with other water purifying devices, like a coffee filter or a bottle opener.

The device will also include a pre-filled reservoir and a removable base for the filter.

IKEa says that the Sunrise water will be used to cleanse dishes and other dishes for up to a week, while the filter can also be used as a drinking water source.

The product’s launch coincides with the launch of the new Ikea app for Apple devices.

You can purchase the Sunrise Water Filter and filter separately from the app’s store page.

Ikea’s Sunrise Water Filters are available for pre-order through the app. 

The Sunrise water is one of many products IKEas launch this year, including a new “waterproof” coffee filter and a “water proof” soap.

I hope that these new products help to provide a little bit of inspiration to people who want to take matters into their own hands.