Cinemark: New locations, a new show ‘Sunrise’ from ‘The Dark Knight’

Cinemark, the national movie theater chain, has signed a five-year deal to open a new location in Sunset Mall in Miami Beach, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The theater will open in the former Sunset Beach Mall, which has been shuttered since the early 2000s, and will serve as a hub for the company’s new movie theater and theater expansion, which will include new locations for the release of The Dark Knight Rises, according the report.

Cinemark is also expanding its theatrical theater in New York City and has also announced plans to open two more theaters in the U.S. and Mexico.

Cinemarks first U.K. location opened in 2007. 

 Sunset Mall is one of the biggest U.T.C. shopping malls in the world, and is the second largest in the state of Florida. 

The new Sunset Mall will be located just north of Sunset Park Mall and will open by 2019.