Three new sunrise images in the western United States

Three new photos of sunrise in Arizona are on display in the FourFourSecond video archive.

One of the images, by Michael Stadler, shows a sunrise in the desert on a sunny day.

Another shows a sunset in the Arizona desert, with a sunset view.

The third, by photographer Mike Stadlers son, shows sunrise at sunrise in Phoenix, Arizona.

In all, there are seven new sunrise photos in the archive, including this one from Phoenix.

Three new sunrise shots in Arizona The sunrise in each image is in a clear sky.

It’s a sunset shot of Phoenix, not an azure sunset.

Stadler also took a sunset sunset shot in Phoenix.

The sunrise photo in the Phoenix scene is also in the Archive of Photography, an electronic file that is not uploaded to the FourFourthTwo site.

Stads photos are available on

The Sunrise photos are part of the “Arizona Sunrise Archive” that was created by a member of the FiveThirtyEight staff.