Google has bought Sunrise, the startup behind sunrise, for $250 million

Google bought Sunrise earlier this year for $500 million.

The search giant is hoping to make its own version of Sunrise a key part of its next wave of mobile and cloud computing initiatives.

Sunrise was created in 2009 as a company that specializes in bringing solar energy to the US.

The startup is now focused on bringing solar panels to people in rural areas, providing power to remote communities and powering businesses.

Its business model is simple: sell panels to small businesses and homeowners in rural communities.

Sunrise’s business model has been the subject of many court cases in the US, including a class-action lawsuit brought by the US Department of Justice in 2015.

The company settled its lawsuit in 2018.

Google has long been interested in helping companies solve their energy problems, and the search giant recently made a $1 billion investment in SolarCity, a solar panel manufacturer that also sells solar panels.

The Google acquisition of Sunrise comes after a long-term partnership with the Sunnyvale, California-based startup.

Google also owns the Sunrise trademark and has licensed it to other companies.

Google said in a statement that it “is committed to expanding our partnerships and partnerships that deliver on our goal of creating the best, most efficient, and sustainable energy solutions for our customers.”