Aussie nursing home has to open its doors again

The Sunrise Nursing Home has been closed for more than three years due to an air quality issue and a lack of funds.

Key points:The Sunrise is the third nursing home to close in two monthsThe state government is working with the Nursing Homes Council of Victoria to find another homeThe facility is being reopened for about 25 peopleHaleakalas Sunrise is a four-bed, two-bath facility in the southern suburbs of Perth and the western state of Victoria.

It closed in April and is being opened for about a dozen people, including the facility’s owner, the Sunrise Foundation.

The Sunrise Foundation said the facility was closed because of a lack in the state’s funding.

The facility’s board has recommended it be closed.

The state’s premier, Daniel Andrews, has made it clear the state is looking to the private sector to fund the $1.5 billion construction of a new nursing home in the northern suburbs of Hobart and Launceston.

Mr Andrews said the state had no plans to re-open the facility, saying it had been closed because it was the only one in operation.

The Victorian Premier, Daniel Foley, said the decision to close the facility meant there was no choice but to seek private funding to provide housing for those currently living there.

“This is not an option that will work for the people of Victoria and the people who will live in this facility,” he said.

“We will work with other private providers to find other suitable sites to house the people that are currently living in this institution.”

The Victorian government is looking at finding another facility in nearby Hobart.

The Health Minister, David Davis, said there would be no changes to the existing Sunrise facility, which is in the north-west of the state.

“There are no changes at all to the current Sunrise facility,” Mr Davis said.

The Sunshine Coast is also considering reopening the Sunrise.

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