How to get ready for the new sunrise manor in Paradise Hills

A new manor is coming to Paradise Hills.

It is a two-story structure, but it won’t have a backyard, nor is it attached to a property.

It will be on a site just outside the city limits.

It’s the third new residential project in Paradise since it was rezoned in 2013.

There is one existing one at the corner of the road.

But this one will be a mixed-use development, with apartments, retail, restaurants, a spa, and an art gallery.

Its called Sunrise Manor, a development that will have apartments, condos, a hotel, a restaurant, and a community center.

Sunrise Manor will be in the heart of Paradise Hills, just west of the Paradise River.

It will have two towers with 1,300 apartments and condos.

There will be 200 townhouses, plus a hotel.

And there will be some retail.

But it will be very low-income, said Steve Buell, president of the developer.

So we have to make sure it is affordable for low- and moderate-income residents, he said.

It has been a lot of work to make it affordable for residents, said Stephen Brown, a spokesman for the city of Paradise.

He said the city spent $2 million on it and has spent about $40 million on the development.

This project is about making it a community, he added.

It is going to be a great place for people to live and work and to get together.

There will be three levels, but they are not going to do it as much as you might think, said David Gant, a senior vice president with Gant & Hausfeld.

There are some additional features.

There’s going to have a public plaza, he explained.

There is a pool, there’s a fitness center, there are some restaurants, there will also be a fitness studio.

There’s going be an art museum, there is going be a children’s playground.

There should be a lot to look forward to.

Sunset Manor will sit on a 1.7 acre lot at the southwest corner of Highway 95 and Highway 495.

It’s a mix of residential and commercial.

It was first built in 2006, when it was being designed by the Gant Group, a real estate and development firm based in Orlando.

The development was initially called Sunrise Townhome.

A few years later, the company started planning Sunset Manor, but the development was put on hold after the Florida Department of Transportation and the Florida Keys Authority said it would be too expensive to build the house on the island.

The Gant group started planning Sunrise Manor in 2011, but then postponed the project.

It reopened a year later.

The project is not going anywhere.

Gant &amps; Hauptfeld plans to build a new residential development called Sunrise House on Paradise Island.

It’ll have about 400 apartments and 600 units, plus about 100 townhouses and retail, said Kevin Henson, the firm’s chief financial officer.

It’ll be located just south of the island, close to the community center and to the Sunshine River, which flows into Paradise.

It would be a mix, with about 70 percent rental units and 30 percent owner-occupied, said Gant.

But it would have a lot more than that, he noted.

It would be mostly owner-occupied.

We want to make this a good investment, said Brown.

There could be a million dollar home sitting right here.

We think the people of Paradise Island have been waiting for this for a long time, said Michael Denton, executive director of the Sunshine Coast Community Association.

We are proud of the hard work of the Gants, and we want to keep that momentum going.