Why Wal-Mart’s sunrise alarm clock is still selling in stores

A new, Apple-approved alarm clock that has been selling in more than 40,000 Wal-Marts nationwide has sparked outrage over its use of a sunrise-wakeup cycle that violates the company’s “no alarm” policy.

A Wal-mart spokesman told Fox News that the company has “zero tolerance” for this type of “wedding bells” that use the sun to signal to the customer the need to leave the store at a specific time.

The company has received dozens of complaints from customers over the years, but according to the spokesman, no one has been prosecuted.

“We’ve always had a zero tolerance policy for this kind of device,” he said.

“We have zero tolerance for this behavior.

We take it very seriously.

This one, in particular, has caused a lot of anxiety to customers.”

He said the clock is only available at some of the company\’s stores and in select stores outside of the chain.

The clock, which is sold as the Walmart Sunrise, has become a popular fixture in stores and is available at a variety of stores.

A Sunlight News review of some of Wal- Mart\’s most popular stores found that several were selling it on its own.

Wal-Mart stores in Ohio, Michigan, California, Arizona, Arizona State and Wisconsin also have the clock.

Sunrise alarm clocks have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

In 2017, more than 6.5 million people bought an alarm clock, according to Nielsen Consumer Products.