The Latest: What you need to know about a new type of sunscreen

A sunscreen maker is taking the sunscreen market by storm with its new product, the Sunrise Smoothie, which is marketed as a “cleaner alternative to sunscreen” to sunscreen that also “moisturizes” and protects the skin, according to a press release from Sunrise.

Sunrise’s Sunrise Smoothies are marketed as “cleaners” and “moistsurizers” that also protect the skin.

(Photo: Sunrise)The company is introducing the Sunrise smoothie to the marketplace, along with a variety of other products to offer its customers a healthier alternative to standard sunscreen products, Sunrise said in a press conference Monday.

Sunset Smoothie contains two types of ingredients: a base containing water and organic ingredients that moisturize the skin in addition to a sunflower oil base.

Sunscreen makers typically use a base made up of water, which provides a moisture barrier and helps prevent the skin from drying out.

But in this case, the company’s product contains a natural and organic ingredient called arbutin, which “provides the skin with its natural moisture barrier,” according to the press release.

Sunshine also says its sunscreen can be used to reduce the amount of sunscreen used on the skin and also to help protect against the sun’s UV rays, according a press statement from Sunrise’s founder, Mark Schreiber.

Schreiber said the Sunrise product is “the only natural sunscreen you can buy” and said that it is the first of its kind.

Sunlight is often referred to as the “sunshine of life” because it helps the skin absorb more of the suns rays and prevents sunburns and other skin conditions, according the company.

Sunscreens can help protect skin against the damaging effects of UV rays by improving the absorption of the Sun’s rays and improving the skin’s barrier, according Sunscreen Foundation’s website.

The sunscreen comes in five flavors: the Sunrise, the Sunset, the Smoothie and the Ultra Smoothie.

Each of the flavors contains natural and organically sourced arbutine, the Sunflower oil found in sunscreens.

The Sunrise Smoothy is also made with arbutins and contains no other sunscrews.

The Sunrise Smooth and the Sunset Smoothies were first launched in June, with more flavors to come.

Sunshades products were originally developed by the Sunshade company in 2013.

Sunrises Sunrise Smooths are designed to help people protect themselves against the harmful effects of the UV rays.

The company claims the Sunrise is the most effective natural sunscreen in the world, and that the product is 100% safe to use.

The product is manufactured in China and shipped to customers around the world.