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The sun will set over the bay in San Francisco, but for now, medical marijuana dispensaries will be open.

In California, medical pot dispensaries are allowed to sell pot to anyone, and it will remain legal for recreational use beginning Jan. 1.

But many medical pot growers have been running into problems in recent months because the state doesn’t allow medical marijuana growers to grow their own strains.

The Department of Public Health says the medical marijuana industry will likely be “operating under different protocols,” but will be “very limited.”

Medical marijuana dispensaries are only allowed to grow four plants at a time, and growers can only cultivate up to four plants.

In other words, growers can’t grow more than four plants in a single month.

For some patients, growing more than a handful of plants may be a risk, according to the department.

So, patients will have to be prepared to move their dispensaries from one location to another if they’re looking to grow more.

Here’s what to expect:A doctor will be able to recommend cannabis strains to patients to help them with their symptoms.

Patients will be allowed to purchase cannabis in bulk from licensed dispensaries.

Patients can also purchase their own strain of cannabis from licensed growers.

Patients may grow up to two plants per person.

The dispensaries will also have to provide a doctor’s recommendation to the Department of State Health Services for approval to grow cannabis.

A patient will be required to sign a form that explains their medical condition and says that they’re in need of cannabis for treatment.

The department has not released the final rules on where medical marijuana clinics can be located, but dispensaries will have a hard time finding a location that is close to schools, universities, and other community centers.

If the department allows medical marijuana in California, it will be the first state in the country to legalize recreational marijuana use.

The federal government still has a ban on recreational marijuana in the United States.

But if the feds allow recreational marijuana sales in California in the coming weeks, it could lead to more states considering medical marijuana.