This week in music: The rise of The xx, The Beach Boys, The Rolling Stones and the Clash

Sunrise is the latest to join the growing list of Australian musical giants. 

Sunrise, whose members include The Beach, The Royal, The Avalanches, The 1975 and the late Mick Jagger, is a classic Australian band. 

Their music has been featured in the TV series The Beach and in the documentary The Rise of The Beach. 

And now Sunrise is getting the attention of the mainstream with a live album due to be released on Tuesday.

Sunrise’s new album, called Sunshine (released by Blue Oyster Cult on Tuesday), includes tracks such as Shooting the Moonlight, The Sunshine (The Sun), The Sun (The Sun) and The Sunset (Sunset). 

Sunset’s most famous song is Sunlight (originally released on The Sun in 1967) featuring guitarist Steve Albini, bassist Rob Halford and drummer Mike Mills.

Sunset will be releasing Sunshade (the title track on Sunset’s new live album) on Tuesday in Australia. 

In Australia Sunrise will be touring in support of Sunsets (as a title track). 

“We’ve just announced a tour of Australia with The Sun, so you’ll hear the song ‘Sunshine’ on Sunrises album,” Sunrise producer and Sunshade vocalist Michael McGlinchey told The Sydney Morning Herald. 

“It’s a lovely song and it’s been a big hit.

It’s been in a few live shows.”

Sunset singer Steve Albino has previously said SunSet (his solo debut album) will be his last. 

Albino is also the singer of The Beach Boys and The Rolling Stone. 

 SunSET (album title) (featuring The Beach) was released in August 2017. 

The album features a selection of covers and a few unreleased tracks, including The Sky is Falling (a cover of Eddie Cochran’s “The Sky Is Falling”) and The Light (A cover of the Bob Dylan classic The Long Strange Trip). 

 In the United States Sunrise (labeled Sunstars) has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

Sunsets release dates include:Sunset, Suns (September 11, 2017), Sunstar, Sands (October 4, 2017) SunStar (April 18, 2018), Sends (May 1, 2018)Sunstar (August 26, 2018).

Sunset is one of Australia’s most celebrated and influential bands. 

Born in the southern New South Wales town of Cairns, the band joined the ranks of the greats in the 1970s, with hits including Sunspot (1975), Kiss Me (1977), Riders (1978), Hang Up, Baby (1979)  and Shark (1980). 

The band toured the world in the 1980s and ’90s and was a founding member of Australia’s national rock and roll act The 1975. 

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