How to find the best times for sunrise at the mall

A few of the top 10 malls in New York City are not the only places to be in the mood for sunrise.

Here’s a rundown of what you should do if you want to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city without getting all sunburned.10.

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, NY (via: Yelp)BK’s Sunset Strip is a popular place to be, but don’t expect to find an abundance of sunrise on a sunny day.

While the sunsets at the Brooklyn-based mall are usually warm and the crowds are usually light, you may find yourself wanting to curl up in the shade, waiting for the sun to rise.

Be aware of the risks of parking on the Sunset Strip.11.

Fort Worth, TX (via @bobbins)Fort Worth’s Fort Worth Mall, a few blocks south of the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, is a prime spot to find a spot for sunrise, especially in the evenings when crowds are thin.

If you are in the area, you can get your fill of sunsets in the mornings and evenings, as long as you are looking for the best views of the sunset.12.

Washington, DC (via TravelingMall)Washington, DC is an easy drive to get a glimpse of the sun.

The Capital Beltway is lined with monuments and monuments to monuments to statues, and the District is the home of monuments to the monuments.

If the sun is up at the Mall of America, then the best time to check out the sunset is around 9 p.m. when traffic is light.

The crowds tend to be smaller in the morning.13.

Miami Beach, FL (via BikinisWithLove)Miami Beach is a great place to enjoy sunset on a warm day, especially when the sun sets in Miami Beach.

The Mall of Miami is located just a few miles south of Miami Beach and there is plenty of shade available to you and your loved ones.

Be prepared for crowds to be at an all-time low during the day, so make sure you get in the habit of parking in the lot on a bright sunny day for a perfect sunset.14.

Chicago, IL (via ChicagoSun)You can’t go wrong with a good walk in the sun at Chicago’s Lake Michigan State Park.

Lake Michigan is home to some of the best beach volleyball in the country, and you can even get a good look at the sun set on the water in Chicago.15.

New York, NY (via NewYorkMag)New York City’s Central Park is one of the biggest destinations in the city, and there’s a lot to see during the summer months.

The Park’s Sunset Walk is one great option, and a good way to get your sunrise fix.16.

Los Angeles, CA (via TheBikeSpot)Los Angeles is an excellent location to find some good sunsets for sunrise in the sunshine.

Los Feliz Boulevard, one of Los Angeles’ main avenues, is lined up with a few places for you to take a break from the hustle and bustle of downtown.17.

San Francisco, CA (Via: TravelingMagazine)You could get your sunburn fix on Sunset Blvd in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park, but you might find yourself wishing you had more time to enjoy a beautiful sunset at the park.

While Sunset Blvd and Golden Gate are both lined up nicely, Sunset Blvd is the most popular option.

It is a short drive from the downtown area, so you should have plenty of time to grab a nice sunburn.18.

Austin, TX ( is another great place for sunrise that has plenty of green space to enjoy your stroll on Sunset Boulevard.

Sunset Blvd runs along the banks of the San Jacinto River and the city’s skyline is just a short walk away.19.

Phoenix, AZ (via iphonearena)The Phoenix Convention Center is a well-known destination for people looking for a great vantage point to enjoy their morning walk.

However, this city is also home to one of Arizona’s best sunrise spots.

Phoenix’s downtown area is lined-up with plenty of places for sunsets to be enjoyed, and if you can find a seat in the outdoor amphitheater, you will likely be able to have a blast watching the sun rise from a balcony.20.

Denver, CO (via DenverSun)Denver is a fantastic place to take in the sunset on Sunset Ave.

This is the city that has been named America’s most sun-loving city by some.

Sunset Ave is lined along the west side of the Denver metro area and is lined from downtown to the airport.

The park is open year-round, and although you won’t see the crowds of downtown Denver, there is still plenty of space for a nice sunrise.21.

Washington DC (Via TheSunriseNews)Washington is a perfect location to get some sunsets if you